About Operation Configured 2024

Operation Configured is a proactive cybercrime prevention project being delivered by the Police Cyber Protect Team within the South-East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU). Crime prevention is always better than having to step in to investigate crime after someone has become a victim, though measuring impact is inevitably harder. Criminals continue to exploit technical vulnerabilities with internet connected equipment and while cutting-edge ‘zero day’ attacks make the headlines, the reality is that many of the vulnerabilities exploited have been known for years.

Using a cloud computing platform and industry intelligence feeds, custom software draws this intelligence together into one place, identifies vulnerable systems connected to the internet and tries to work out which fall within the South-East region of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Once a vulnerable connection is identified, further data enrichment occurs to try and establish contact details for the organisation who owns this before Cyber Protect Officers get in touch to notify the organisation of the problem. There is an inevitable error rate in this ‘geolocation’ process so occasionally organisations outside of this area may be contacted.

IMPORTANT: While SEROCU are notifying organisations of this vulnerability, the team will NOT be asking for any information or other details. They will only be providing information. Any unsolicited contact claiming to be from the Police should always be treated with caution. For more information read about Verifying Authenticity.

The ultimate objective of Operation Configured is to reduce the number of organisations in South-East region who have one or more technical vulnerabilities, which may increase their risk of a cyber-attack.

Operation Configured does not perform any scanning of your network but relies on information already gathered by private sector companies. Criminals perform similar scanning tactics to identify the same vulnerabilities but with the intent of exploiting them to attack organisations.

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