Verifying Authenticity

The Operation Configured team understand that people will be extremely cautious about receiving unsolicited contact from the Operation Configured team and we are pleased that you want to find out how to be sure this is genuinely from the Police.

IMPORTANT: While SEROCU are notifying organisations of these vulnerabilities, Officers from the team will NOT be asking for any information or other details. They will only be providing information. Any unsolicited contact claiming to be from the Police should always be treated with caution.

Criminals often impersonate organisations and people in positions of authority and may attempt to impersonate this operation. The Operation Configured team wishes to reiterate that genuine Police Officers and Staff working on this operation will not be seeking any technical or personal information during the notification process. The only time Police will ask for those details in relation to cybercrime will be during a criminal investigation in response to any report of cybercrime you make to the Police via Action Fraud. In those cases, Investigating Officers will explain how to verify their identity.

Emails from the Operation Configured team will not have any documents attached or have any request to visit any website other than this one.

The information provided on this site in relation to any specific vulnerability will point you towards ways in which you can confirm the existence of the problem independently, removing the need to rely solely on the information we give you. If you are wary of clicking on our links, then consider the use of a search engine to verify the information.

This website has an address which is ‘’, which can only be issued as an address by the College of Policing. Operation Configured also has a presence on the web pages of the four Police forces in the South-East region:

[web addresses for force pages about Operation Configured]

If you have more questions about this programme you can email the team at:

You can also verify the legitimacy of this operation through the relevant Police force for your area. Please be aware that if we have managed to reach you outside of the South-East region not all forces in the UK know who we are so you will need to contact Thames Valley Police who manage the South-East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU).

For the quickest response, please ensure you explain that you wish to verify that contact from Operation Configured is genuinely from the Police. For confidentiality reasons, call handlers will not know technical details and do not have access to the list of organisations being contacted.

Using online contact forms or emailing the Force is preferable to reduce the impact on call handlers and waiting times for you.

Disclaimer: The advice provided on this website is for general information only and is not intended to replace specific professional advice relevant to your organisation. Information on the website is not comprehensive and may not reflect the most recent legislation, practice, advice or application to your specific circumstances.
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